The Amazon basin is home to a vast variety of fish not least of all those that fall within the family Loricariidae containing 96 Genus and hundreds of species.

In your aquarium the fish within this group can be varied in characteristic are typically placid and make for an interesting and relatively easy to keep attraction.


Super Red baby's about 3 Months Old

Super Reds - Baby's

Still can not determine gender at this stage but another 2 months or so there should be some tell-tale signs. They are munching on a mix of Repashy Soilent Green & Super Green & Morning Wood. first page went up on the 20h of March 2021. The vision for this site is not hard and fast other than it will feature for the most part "Plecos".

Why are we here? That question I am hoping will answer itself in time. I wanted to share my own experiences as I slowly explore this amazing genus of catfish. I have been breeding fish all my life with a keen interest in Fancy Guppy Strains consuming my fish room; it's time for something different. So follow me as I explore, join in and share your own experiences with me. A big part of the fun of this hobby is meeting others with similar interests.

I'm particularly interested in the smaller varieties that grow up to 15cm in size. Like your common Bristlenose and all it's varieties and the harder to find, keep and breed varieties like the L015's.

At this stage I am caring for and successfully breeding the typical pet storeĀ  "Bristlenose" or the Ancistrus cf. Cirrhosus with the standard piebald markings and some super reds but will also keep other varieties as I get into it and some L015's (Pekolitia Vittata) or as they are commonly called Candy Stripe Pleco's.

As the site grows, and no doubt my collection I will continue to post useful information, links and any fish that I have for sale. I'll get a youtube channel going at some point too.

A forum is here too for registerred users as there is limited "Australian" based forums and I find dealing with local fellow enthusiasts beneficial. That doesn't mean we don't welcome overseas members as the more the merrier.

Look forward to anyone reaching out who shares an interest in this wonderful world of South American Catfish or Aquatics in general.

Cheers Shooter.

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