Peckoltia Vittata
L015 Candy Stripe

Candy Stripe Pleco L015 Peckoltia vittata

At home under the slate cave in the 6ft common

My Candy Stripe Plecos

I purchased these from an NSW breeder in late March 2021. At the moment I have 5 of them growing out in my 6ft (183cm) Common tank.

They are absolutely beautiful catfish, very very docile and shy. Hiding in the heavy plantings, in the crevices of driftwood or under the slate caves I have erected in the tank.

At this stage, they are still too young to tell the gender so no breeding programme as yet. They are growing out well and are healthy specimens which is great.

I'm feeding them plenty of Repashy Gel food mixing a combination of Grub Pie, Soilent Green, Bottom Scratcher, Morning Wood and Super Green. They (and every other fish) just love Repashy foods!

My expectation is that I will have some of these available for sale in early 2022. No promises as nature tend to do whatever it wants and when it wants. Keep checking back for any updates on this project.

Information Table coming soon!